About the Gig City

About the Gig City

The Gig City is a city of pioneers. Chattanooga has a rich legacy of entrepreneurs – from startups that grew into industry game-changers to civic leaders who changed Chattanooga from the “dirtiest city in America” into Outside Magazine’s “best town ever.” And now, this renaissance town is ready to re-pioneer the Internet.

Why Chattanooga?

Chattanooga combines advanced technology infrastructure with a thriving cosmopolitan atmosphere that’s just minutes from mountains, rivers and other outdoor playgrounds.

In recent years, the city’s signature lifestyle and focus on environmental stewardship has attracted $6 billion in foreign direct investment. Now, Chattanooga is turning our attention to technology. We’re leading the way into the future – and pioneering a model for other cities to follow.

What is the Gig?

Chattanooga is the first city in the Western Hemisphere to offer 10-gigabit-per-second fiber internet service to all residents and businesses. At hundreds of times the speed of the national average, the Gig opens the door to unimagined ways of learning, playing and conducting business.

The fiber network that permits Gig service was installed by Chattanooga's publicly owned electric power system, EPB, to support the most advanced smart grid system in the nation. The smart grid is the first killer app for Chattanooga's Gig network, but it’s just one of many that the community plans to deploy as we continue to take advantage of the Gig.

The Growth of Gigabit Cities

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Gig City Partners

The Gig City’s efforts to explore the future of hyper-fast Internet applications are made possible through the generous support of dozens of organizations within the community of Chattanooga and the community of the Internet.

The City of the Future

Chattanooga is the first city in the Western Hemisphere to have gigabit per second fiber Internet accessible to the entire city grid. The possibilities have only begun.

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