Since GIGTANK’s inception, 40 teams have completed the program. Here are some of the graduates who continue to disrupt their respective industries.

Summer 2015
Branch Technology

Named by as one of the 10 most disruptive technologies of 2015, Branch Technology has taken the 3D printing industry by storm since participating in GIGTANK 2015. Operating in Chattanooga, the company possesses an asset that has yet to be matched—the world’s largest free-form 3D printer. They were given an exclusive feature in Fortune Magazine just two days after the 2015 GIGTANK Demo Day. At the end of the year, Branch Technology was named a finalist for the 2015 Early Innovator Award from the Chattanooga Tech Council. Now in partnership with Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the company is currently hosting a $10,000 design competition for the world’s first 3D-printed house which will be constructed in Chattanooga. The competition will conclude in March 2016.

About Branch Technology

Branch Technology 3-D prints buildings using novel extrusion technology, conventional construction materials and large-scale robotics. | @branchtechno

Branch Technology In the Press

INC. Magazine
Chattanooga Times Free Press


Summer 2015

The Ark Labs

Ark Labs has created a phone app that pairs with a smart device water valve, and this technology has the potential to save $8 billion a year in water loss in the US alone. Headquartered in Florence, Alabama, Ark participated in the 2015 GIGTANK cohort. Ark was nominated by the Chattanooga Tech Council for the Early Innovator Award. The company has received endorsements from water advocacy groups, including Thomas Schumann Capital LLC in Santa Monica, California, which expects 5-8 percent of annual growth in global water-infrastructure projects in the coming years. Ark won the Shoals Idea Audition in Alabama in 2015. The funds from winning the Idea Audition helped build their Kickstarter campaign that launched in January 2016 with the intent to push their phone app and smart device pair to the market.

About Ark Labs

The Ark is a platform that improves water efficiency in residential homes. The technology leverages artificial intelligence software in conjunction with smart devices to conserve water. | @thearklabs

Ark Labs In the Press
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Summer 2015

In 2016, Covenant Health and Pro2Serve of Knoxville partnered together to form VortexT Analytics, a big data analysis platform that combines technology developed by both Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Pro2Serve. This pilot program will function as a proof of concept for the platform, with intent to make it available to the entire healthcare industry. The VortexT platform analyzes more data in less time, which ultimately saves users in the healthcare significant time and costs.

About VortexT

GSIA is the maker of VortexT, a mobile app that delivers relevant health care information to providers on a daily basis. | @vortextllc

VortexT In the Press

Knox News


Summer 2014

In 2015, Lucy Beard was named one of the most creative people in the business community by Fast Company. Why? Because her company, Feetz, has been ahead of the game in not only manufacturing, but also in the fashion world. The company raised $1.25 million in seed funding at the beginning of 2015 from Khosla Ventures, the fund behind several billion-dollar startups, in partnership with Chattanooga’s Jump Fund and former Reebok CEO Uli Becker. Following completion of the GIGTANK 2014 program, they were selected as one of the participants of Launch TN’s TENN master accelerator cohort. Feetz has been featured in several major publications including New York Magazine, Fortune, Fast Company and The Telegraph. The company is aiming to bring their product to the market this year.

About Feetz

Feetz is a 3D printing manufacturer and retailer that creates custom-fit footwear for consumers of all shoe sizes. Using patented algorithms and snapshots from the customer’s phone, Feetz integrates custom sizing measurements with individual design preferences to bring comfort, fit and style into each pair of hyper-customized shoes. | @feetZshoes


Summer 2014

Since graduating from GIGTANK in 2014, GridCure has continued to stand out at tech startup programs across the continent. The team went on to participate at the Next36 Venture Day in Toronto and was named the Most Outstanding Venture among the 23 startups that presented. The company continued to gain accolades and critical opportunities, including placement in Toronto’s Challenge Cup for startups as well as an invitation to participate in 500 Startups’ Batch 12 in early 2015. They were named one of the top four teams at 500 Startups Batch 12 demo day by TechCrunch.

About GridCure

GridCure is an electrical utility software provider that offers solutions to utilities that want to take full advantage of the enormous amounts of data their smart grids are generating.

GridCure In the Press

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Summer 2014

3D Ops is taking charge with the world’s first hospital-wide pilot of 3D printing applied to pre-surgical planning in partnership with Erlanger hospital in Chattanooga. In 2016, 3D Ops is striving to make the pilot a success, publish the values of 3D printing for pre-surgical planning, and expand offerings of their program to additional hospitals. In just a year after its inception, the company secured the Erlanger partnership and was given the Innovator of the Year Award by the Chattanooga Tech Council and Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce.

About 3DOps

3D Ops is a 3D printing manufacturer that provides contract medical devices for pre-surgical planning. Using patient-specific data, the company creates anatomical 3D models that enable surgeons to plan procedures before operating on patients. | @3Dops


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