About GIGTANK 365


GIGTANK 365 is a boutique accelerator for startups developing ultra high-bandwidth business applications.

We are located in Chattanooga, TN – home of America’s largest ubiquitous fiber network. With gigabit Internet right at our fingertips, we help startups invent new business models for the hyper-connected world.


Our program is designed to connect high-growth oriented companies with the tools, capital and connections to go to market.

Industry Verticals

We offer tracks for entrepreneurs working in 3D printing, healthcare, and SDN (software defined networking). While these three industry verticals are the central focus of GIGTANK 365 – as well as applications involving ultra high-speed, low-latency broadband networking – we also invite inventive entrepreneurs of all varieties into our accelerator.

Annual Cycles

Held in three cycles across the spring, summer, and fall, the program connects participants with on-the-ground guidance from industry experts and national thought leaders in broadband and entrepreneurship. GIGTANK 365 is a year-round production of The Company Lab (CO.LAB), a nonprofit organization that supports entrepreneurial growth in southeast Tennessee. 

The experience culminates with a Demo Day held in October during Startup Week Chattanooga. At the event, top startups selected from each cycle of GIGTANK 365 will pitch their business concepts to a large audience of investors, partners, media and supporters.


What is GIGTANK 365, really?


A test lab for broadband pioneers

At its core, GIGTANK 365 is all about stimulating entrepreneurial opportunity around emerging technologies and inventive ways of doing business. Not only are we the world’s only startup accelerator wired to a metro-wide gigabit network, we are also the first to invite entrepreneurs to test their ideas within the nation’s largest footprint of gigabit subscribers. With more than 75,000 homes and businesses connected to 1 Gbps service, the possibilities for new application development are huge. On top of that, 10-gigabit Internet is now available to that same testbed – and accessible to GIGTANK entrepreneurs in our workspace. It’s the ideal place to test new ideas that require massive amounts of bandwidth.

A nexus for 3D printing, SDN and healthcare

At GIGTANK 365, we believe three industries are particularly ripe for transformation in our unique environment – healthcare, 3D printing and SDN (software defined networking). Our location in Chattanooga positions our accelerator in one of the strongest manufacturing hubs in the Southeast, at the doorstep of the nation’s most advanced broadband network, and at the gateway of several major healthcare networks. We believe this environment is ideal for exploring the intersections between these industries, which is why we’ve developed accelerator tracks for each. Our rich network of partnerships in these areas injects critical expertise, contacts, and entrepreneurial resources into the daily GIGTANK 365 experience.

A collider for industries and ideas of all varieties

As entrepreneurs well know, innovation is rarely neatly defined. Paradigm-shifting technologies like gigabit networks open new territory in ways of thinking, solving problems, and doing business. Many of the most transformative applications in ultra high-speed networking have yet to be imagined. At GIGTANK 365, we keep our doors open to entrepreneurs working in all areas of business – and there’s a reason. Truly compelling ideas often emerge from the unexpected junctures between them. Our accelerator is designed to illuminate these opportunities, meaning we invite high-growth oriented startups of all varieties into the arena with those working in healthcare, 3D printing, SDN or elsewhere the gigabit side of things. Our doors are always open to your ideas.


Our History


GIGTANK: How it all got started

GIGTANK originally launched in 2012 as part think tank, part startup accelerator. The program subsequently evolved into a full-fledged startup accelerator held each summer from 2013-2015.

GIGTANK 365 represents the next step in our accelerator’s evolution. The rich network of industry experts, startup resources, and tech assets that built GIGTANK into a powerhouse of national stature are now available throughout the year. Housing for GIGTANK 365 will be available to entrepreneurs from May 16 – July 29, courtesy of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.


Advanced Networking in Chattanooga: Online and On the Streets

Chattanooga’s history of entrepreneurship has propelled our city into new frontiers of growth. Over the last century, small startups have evolved into industry game-changers, and Chattanooga has transformed alongside them. We are a city of pioneers, and now, with the most advanced broadband infrastructure in America, the Internet is our next frontier. As more cities “light up” their own gigabit networks, Chattanooga has emerged as a model that continues to lead the way as connected cities come together to create a connected world.

Chattanooga’s Innovation District

In 2015, Chattanooga became America’s first mid-sized city to establish an Innovation District – a catalytic mix of startup companies, incubators, accelerators and other innovation economy generators. Located in the heart of downtown, the district brings the curious, the studious, the experimental, and the entrepreneurial into contact across a dense, walkable urban core. The Edney Innovation Center is the district’s hub, and it’s also the home of GIGTANK 365.

GIGTANK 365 is an annual production of The Company Lab (CO.LAB), which serves as the anchor tenant for The Edney Innovation Center.


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The City of the Future

Chattanooga is the first city in the Western Hemisphere to have gigabit per second fiber Internet accessible to the entire city grid. The possibilities have only begun.

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